Netflix and Les Enfants du Paradis

April 22, 2006

First off Netflix calls it "Children of Paradise" which goes against my tendancy to refer to movies by their native titles.  They don't seem to have any consistancy either, since a number of other films are listed under their native language titles.

Two days ago I recieved disc 1 of the movie.  Other 2 disc movies they either sent both discs at once (The Unbearable Lightness of Being) or they only sent the 1 disc with the movie on it, and didn't bother with the "extras" disc.  But in this case it was only the first half of the movie.  I found I wasn't even expected to recieve the second disc for another 2 days.  It's blasphemy for me to not watch a movie in it's entirety, and I take my movie watching very seriously.  I sent and email of complaint, and they responded that it was two seperate movies.  I sent them another email explaining that no, it was just one long movie, and they sent me an apology.  I don't think it got me anywhere though because I still don't have both discs and they didn't give me a 3rd movie for my queue.


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