April 24, 2006

There are many movies devoted to those who "lived fast and died young".  Nothing seems more tragic that those who could have had the world but instead got lost in a mess of drugs and sex.  Gia follows this route as well, but with so many movies already having travelled this path it's certainly nothing groundbreaking.

Gia played by Angelina Jolie was suprisingly unsexy and unattractive.  Maybe that was the point, to show the ravages of drug use.  But I would have cast a younger, more innocent looking girl for at least the beginning of the movie.  There was no real transformation for Gia as a character.  When we go to the movies we want to see dynamic changes in the lead.  But Gia just went from grubby and needy to even more grubby and needy.

I was suprisingly unmoved by the movie.  A movie like "Requiem for a Dream" has driven me to tears with it's portrayal of how drug use can ruin lives.  But with Gia, I had a hard time feeling for her.  In the end all I could think was "Wow, she really fucked up."

I'm not a person that normal feels any sort of empathy towards others.  This is why good movies are so rare and amazing to me, because they make me care.


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