Les Enfants du Paradis

April 28, 2006

Ok, I finally watched this movie that was supposed to be the greatest of all time.  Am I impressed?  Yes.  Is it one of my favorites?  Probably not.

The acting was amazing in the movie.  Just something odd about actors playing actors… but it worked.  The sets were wonderful and glamorous.  It was such a wonderful and extra-ordinary world.  I kept thinking to myself, I wonder what era this movie is supposed to be set in.  But it really doesn't matter.  That world exists only in that movie.

The length is a bit long but unfortunately it's rare to watch movies without pausing now.  Too much baby stuff.  But the length seemed appropriate for the length and depth of the story.

The characters were very well written and acted.  I was entranced by every single one of them, especially the con man and Baptiste.  Normally I hate mimes and would mock something like that, but every motion and expression was just mesmorizing. 

And the ending was just so … true.  Life goes on, tragedy happens and the world just keeps turning.  Rather depressing but it makes you realize how fake movie endings usually are. 

I really liked everything about this movie but for some reason it just really didn't touch me the way I thought it might.  I don't know if it's something I would repeatedly watch but I think it deserves another viewing later on.  Maybe I was just too "young" for it yet.


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