The Jacket

April 28, 2006

I usually watch any film involving time travel or crazy people.  I thought The Jacket would be good because it features both.  Unfortunately it was a moderately interesting idea that was very poorly executed. 

The film doesn't start to feel like anything more than poorly edited crap until about halfway into it, when Jack makes his first jump into 2007.  At that point we finally start to see a plot, or at least an idea that is intreguing.

The film then creates a kind of paradox, with information having its only origin from the time travel experience, which is never really explained.  Who was the first person to come up with the idea that the boy should be shocked?

When Jack came back into the past why didn't he try to prove his innocence by provide the names of Jackie and her mother?  Why didn't he provide his newly remembered memories of how the policeman was shot?  Why did we even see these clips if they had no effect on the plot? 

At the end Jack went out like a bitch, just like Queen Amidala in Star Wars.  What a way to die, slipping on the ice. 

How much time do we have?  Yep, people die a lot, and it's all meaningless.  But at least make it an enjoyable experience of a movie please.


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