Tristan and Isolde

May 5, 2006

I generally like historical dramas, just because they do such a good job on the settings usually.  I like escapism.  And this movie has some really gorgeous scenery in it, makes me want to go visit Ireland even more.  Too bad I never got to see England look like that when I was there, but maybe I was just in the wrong part.

Tristan and Isolde comes from an old Arthurian legend of a love so powerful that people would rather suffer for it than be happy in a false love.  The main point I always got from it that Isolde drank the love potion so she could continue loving Tristan instead of being happy in her relationship with Mark, which is kind of silly but very romantic.  The movie took out any kind of magic or wonder and just gave you facts and events.  There was no love potion.  And I think it failed for the same reason the most recent King Arthur failed; we want the magic.  Arthurian tales without the magic aren't legends, they're just history.  And not a real history anyway.  I don't know why they would try to take the magic out of these stories. 

This was the most emo historical drama I've ever seen.  In almost every scene, Tristan is sulking, crying, sad, tearing up or looking like he wants to slit his wrists.  Waahhhh look at me I love this girl and she's marrying someone else, wahhhhh.  Heroes aren't supposed to cry.


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