In the Realms of the Unreal

May 10, 2006

I like to see real crazy people because by comparison I look more sane.  This movie is about a real crazy person who expressed himself through art and writing.  He drew girls with penises, girls being ripped apart, girls being choked and girls fighting in glorious battles.  He wrote fantastic stories about Christians fighting heroic battles against an evil army.  I will probably never be able to read it but I suppose it would be more like a detailed and a disjointed Chronicles of Narnia.  I never really liked the Narnia series and I probably wouldn’t like Darger’s book either.  But it’s kind of neat to know about it.

Artistically and literary-wise I don’t think this guy was that much more talented than anyone else.  But as Eric tells me, this is what post-modern art is:  when someone interesting does something unusual.  And this crazy guy really lead an interesting life, maybe not in the real world as much as the world in his head.  It’d be nice if I could live as vicariously through my fantasy life as I do my husband’s and my son’s life.  I would never even leave the house or see any other people if it weren’t for those 2.  But maybe if I just write and paint more it’ll be ok, because the real world is only what we percieve anyway.  Who cares if it exists to anyone else.  Well I suppose maybe that’s what the art is, making your world exist to other people.


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