Brokeback Mountain

May 19, 2006

Eh, I was expecting more.  I think if it had been a heterosexual couple in the film everyone would have said it was merely mediocre, but the homosexuality made it different and watchable.  Having not watched a lot of gay porn, it was a novel experience for me.  Now I get the images of Heath Ledger pegging Jake Gyllenhal in the buttocks to add to my internal amusement.

It's difficult to do life-long films, simply because actors can't really age for you.  Any attempt to artificially age people with makeup usually doesn't work very well.  It kind've takes away from the story when you keep thinking about how they keep switching out the children but the 2 leads really haven't aged at all over 20 years.  Many other movies such as Forrest Gump are just as awkward with the artificial aging of actors, but I guess like what people did with special effects of the pre-computer era, you just kind've let it slide because you know they're doing their best.  I think it still detracts from the movie though.  George Lucas "solved" the special effects problem by going the extra mile to make things look real, I wonder who will solve the aging problem.


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