All About Eve

May 20, 2006

I'm trying to "culture" myself and watch some older movies.  All About Eve was also on the list of best screenplays. 

The acting was spectacular in this film.  Maybe it was easier for me to see them as real because I wasn't familiar with the actors themselves.  I was especially impressed with a very young Marilyn Monroe.  I didn't even realize it was her until the ending credits.

The script I didn't actually like very much… there are many clever one-liners and great quotes from the movie, but as a whole, it's just too much.  The characters are all constantly talking.  Sometimes it's better to leave things unsaid, so that the audience has a chance to just think.  Plus it was just unnatural, the way they delivered speeches to one another.

Another thing that really bothered me is when they were supposed to be walking out on the sidewalk and instead they just put a screen behind them.  What kind of cheap-ass shitty movie can't film real people walking on a real sidewalk?  It looked like total crap too, because they weren't at all walking on pace with the people behind them, yet they seemed to cover the same distance.  It was totally obvious, what kind of awful director would allow that cut into a movie?  And this again is the reason Citizen Kane was such a landmark film, because Orson Welles didn't pull shit like this. 

I was impressed by one other thing.  Eve as a sociopath is quite believable and very well done.  This sort of character was rarely done in American films so it's original and interesting.  The other characters just don't seem to spark my interest as much, and unfortuately the main character Margot is as overshadowed in the movie as much as she is in the performances talked about in the movie.


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