Some Like It Hot

May 30, 2006

Usually with older films I need to put them in context with their time periods, the limits in technology and what sort of standards they had at the time.  But with Some Like It Hot, which was filmed in the 50's and set in the 20's, it seemed to have an almost universal appeal.  All the jokes were still funny.  All the characters were still sympathetic.  And I really did like the film.

Marilyn Monroe is absolutely beautiful again.  Before I had seen her in movies I had only seen pictures, and they really didn't do justice.  The way she moves she's like silk, and I can only think that she is the most beautiful woman ever to exist.  She's like the archetype of what every woman is supposed to look like. 

The men in this film all kind of look the same to me.  They look like old men from old films.  I think one kind of looked like Regis and one like Jerry Stiller although neither were actually in the film.  It just seems to me that all the actors from certain time periods had a certain "look".  Maybe it's just how they did their hair and how they dressed.

I liked the way David Lynch always used weird looking people in his films.  An actor you can immediately pick out of a crowd is invaluable to having people attach themselves emotionally to the film.  This is why the Hollywood stars make so much money, because you can immediately identify them and understand their character, at least a little bit.  If Tom Cruise is in a movie you know his character whenever he's onscreen, and you have a basic idea of what he's about.  I'm ashamed to say that this is why Asian cinema is a little frustrating for me sometimes.  I often spend more time reading the subtitles than trying to identify the main characters faces, so I get lost on who is who.  I've never been very good at recognizing faces anyway though, I'm in a class with 19 other women and I don't know the name of a single one.  One recognized me (and knew my name!) on the Strand the other day and I was so freaked out, I had no idea who she was.


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