June 6, 2006

There are a few really cool scenes in this movie, the best of which is in the boardroom when the network president is talking to Howard Beels or however you spell his name.  The lighting, the camera angles, and the acting were all superb.  When the president starts raining hellfire and damnation it's totally unexpected and a refreshing scene in a dull movie universe.  I was really impressed with the reaction from Howard as well, watching the "face of god".  It was just a great scene.

However, the rest of the sepia and blue world seemed dull and preachy to me.  "TV is bad, TV rots your soul, TV makes you stupid"… well I heard enough of that from my parents but I still don't believe it's true.  TV can be a medium for art and music and education.  Sure if all you watch on TV is trash, that's all you'll ever get out of it.  But like movies, you can have the big summer blockbuster popcorn movies and you can have the indie art films- it's all in what you make or what you watch.

There is nothing inherently evil about TV, and it's still discovering itself really.  The shows people watched in the 50s were a lot different than those of the 70s or 80s, and although people say reality TV is ruining television, I think it's just a stretch in a different direction.  Who knows what the future brings for TV and programming but I'm optimistic here, I think it will be better as time goes on.


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