Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

June 8, 2006

This movie probably would have made a good porn.  A little bit of buttsecks, a little bit of 3-way with DP and some Bolivian sheepherders thrown in for variety.  It was disappointing how un-raunchy a movie with a whorehouse in it could be.  I suppose it could be considered a family film except for the people shooting each other to death.

I was a little bit thrown as to the theme and direction of this movie.  First it seemed like old bandits making their comeback after a long vacation, reuniting the old gang and owning the west.  Then it seemed like some sort of sick love story with 2 guys sharing a lonely schoolmarm.  Then some long, drawnout chase scene which did have suprisingly good tension considering it's just a few guys out in the wilderness, and at times they're on foot just scrambling up rocks.  Then there's a segway to New York, which I would have been curious to see in other than just still pictures, and finally the last chapter in Bolivia.  First they rob banks, then they try to play it straight, then they kill the bandits and become robbers again?  I dunno but it seems to me you'd try to play it straight in an area where you weren't already wanted men. 

The soundtrack, or lack thereof, was very distracting.  In the middle of an old west film they start playing "Raindrops keep falling on my head…" and later in the segway some "dum dum dee dee dee daaah" crap.  An instrumental score, or something using ambient noises would have been much more appropriate.

So I'm not exactly sure what this film has besides a number of memorable quotes and almost innappropriate chemistry between the lead characters. 


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