His Girl Friday

July 13, 2006

This script is praised for it’s quick-witted conversations and speedy dialogue but I think the script is very unrealistic.  People simply do not talk that fast, and they don’t reply to other people that quickly UNLESS they are reading something that is scripted.  So the inherant problem is, you cannot suspend belief long enough to get past that these are actors reading lines, very well-rehearsed lines.

So much of the dialogue has no point either.  I don’t want to hear people bicker in record time for an hour and a half.  The plot makes up about 10 minutes of the movie and the rest is just the writer trying to show off.

For most of the movie I didn’t even look at the screen, I got so bored.  A movie should be an experience of sight and sound, but they people on the screen weren’t doing anything, and they weren’t anywhere interesting, so why bother looking?  I suppose it would have made a nice radio show if you were on a long drive and had nothing better to listen to.


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