Say Anything

May 31, 2007

I was pleasantly surprised with “Say Anything”. I was expecting just another John Cusack romantic comedy but instead it was a real romance movie. And I haven’t seen one of those I liked in a long time. It’s probably because it was directed by Cameron Crowe, who is a halfway decent director. He did Almost Famous which was ok, and Vanilla Sky which I actually liked despite the fact that no one else did, and the original was still a superior film. At least there was no mimes in Crowe’s version.

I was extremely impressed with John Cusack’s performance though. Every facial expression, movement or line was perfect, and so moving. It’s really no wonder that Ione Skye’s career continued into oblivion though, since her acting was less than stellar. She just didn’t play a sympathetic character at all, and I actually felt a little bad that John Cusack, in all his noble glory, ended up with her.

Side note: got the bedroom mostly blue, finishing trim tomorrow and getting furniture finally. Hopefully then I’ll have some more free time to work on my screenplay. I have the most wonderful idea for a movie, but I’m having a lot of trouble nailing down specific plot points. I think I need to read some more books on the subject, and probably watch some more movies to get more ideas. I hope it doesn’t lose steam though. I just really wish there was someone around that I could collaborate on movie ideas with, because it’s so hard to brainstorm solo. And I really want to make an effort to show a revolution through non-violent means, though my knowledge of political and economic infrastructure is very limited. I wish I would have taken more economics courses in college. I just really don’t want it to end up like in Independence Day where they’re just like “Wheeeee, let’s upload a virus and we win! Yaaaaay!”

The name Niko is becoming too common. I should have named him Casper. All the bitches love Casper.


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