June 7, 2007

I got this movie again off Netflix so my husband could watch it this time.  It was also quite inspiring to watch it edited with Muse songs on YouTube.  I’m still working on my screenplay, though since I haven’t downloaded any good word processing programs yet all I have is a couple sentences on notepad.  I should really use notecards too, though sometimes I just revel in the images in my head as I’m driving.  I picture everything so clearly, the goodbyes, the explosion, the gasp as the lead actress covers her mouth loosely with her hand and then begins to scream.  Someone like a younger Naomi Watts.  She’s such a good actress, though getting a bit typecast in the horror/suspense type films.

Anyhow Equilibrium.  Had some wonderful gun action, but the slice of face at the end got to me.  I can’t believe I didn’t remember that from the last time I watched it.  Soundtrack was piss-poor but after watching it with Muse you get some higher standards.  Some of the scenes were unbelievable and just plain laughable, like how this guy can watch people die with no problem but the moment puppies start getting gunned down he gets all horrified.  He blew his cover more times than I could count, and ever time he started running I’m like “You fool!”  And at the end, I cannot agree with how they gunned down the guards outside the factories.  You’re blowing up people’s drug supplies, give them a day and they probably would have joined you.  That’s going to be my big challenge.  A morally conscious rebellion film.  I think the key is to assassinate a main “bad guy”, such as Father in Equilibrium.  The further gunning down of random people would be no longer necessary.  But to destroy the infrastructure is key too.  Perhaps developing some sort of Tachyon Web to eliminate Mars-Earth travel for 5 to 10 years until Earth can build it’s own government.  Winning a war through outsmarting is more satisfying anyway.


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