V for Vendetta

June 9, 2007

First off, I need to buy Scarface. It needs to be done.

I watched this movie over a year ago but I couldn’t find a post made about it. Maybe I didn’t write about it, I thought I did. But it’s grown on me since then, and I wanted Eric to see the entire thing. One thing I noticed about previous posts was a number of spelling and grammatical errors, which disturbs me because I’m probably more drunk now than I was while writing those and I’m not nearly as sloppy now.  As Eric tells me, I become more disjointed with every passing day. Which is weird because for the most part I feel happy and normal.

I guess the sad part is, V for Vendetta is everything I wanted my film to be with very few exceptions. The lack of collateral damage on behalf of the main character is particularly admirable, as well as the focus on a war on ideas rather than a war of human casualties. However I still cannot justify the part where he imprisons Evey in an effort to kill her fear. It’s quite easy to lose fear, just deny yourself feelings at all. I’m sure there are many drugs he could have offered her to provide the same effect.

By the way, I noticed the similarity between the drug Prosium in Equilibrium and the drug Prozac. Few people realize this but Prozac does not make you happy, it makes you unable to feel sad. Hence why many people are able to kill themselves with ease during their first few weeks of starting the drug.

Telstar. There are no coincidences.

Edit:  I really didn’t give this film a fair review.  I think I was drunk while I wrote it.  It really deserved a more in-depth analysis.  Fortunately for anyone who reads this blog, I am giving up hard alcohol.


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