June 10, 2007

Normally I don’t comment on movies that I’ve seen on TV because I’m never able to see them in their entirety.  In this case, I missed about the first half hour or so of 8MM.  But I thought it was important to comment on it since it’s been bothering me all night.

No, it’s not the violence or the porn that disturbs me.  It’s the character Nicholas Cage plays, and how his plotline is resolved.  The man is despicable, a murderer, and yet he gets a happy ending with his wife and child.   And I don’t have a problem with happy endings.  But I didn’t believe it for an instant.  The idea that the mother of the murdered girl would write him a thank-you note after he woke her up for a phone call in the wee hours of the morning to tell her that her daughter was dead, and asking for permission to hurt the guys that did it… it just made me sick.  I mean, couldn’t he have waited til daytime, maybe done this in a face to face meeting, and not sent the poor woman into a crying fit?  How did she sleep the rest of the night?  Who could console her at that time?  That’s just sick and cruel what he did.

Then there’s his beloved wife, who puts up with him while he puts them all at risk.  He leaves for days at a time and doesn’t call, he tells her to go hide, he comes to see her with blood all over him and rushes back out into the night when what he should have done was just called the police and let them take care of it.  Yeah, you leave your wife and baby in the middle of the night so you can go and kill some people?  Real hero.

She should have left him.  That should have been the price he paid for his vengeance.  An eye for an eye is no way to live your life, and vigilante justice should not be glorified like this.


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