Before Sunset

July 10, 2007

I think I should have seen the first movie “Before Sunrise” first, so I would have had a better idea of what the film was going to be like and what sort of history the 2 main characters had.  It was labeled as a romance but I thought as long as it didn’t have Meg Ryan in it that it might have a possibility for success.

The movie ended up being nothing like I thought it might be.  It seemed somewhat experimental, having been filmed as sort of a real-time conversation between two people.  Had I known at the beginning it was a Linklater film I might have caught on quicker, but then again having hated Tape I probably would have not watched it at all.

I find it hard to believe people can talk like that, so casually and non-stop for so long.  I try not to talk that much to most people, and about the only person I do talk to is Eric.  Even then, when we talk I spend a few minutes thinking before speaking.

Anyhow the whole film reeked of some kind of psuedointellectualism.   Like instead of two people trying to impress each other, it was the writer/director trying to impress the audience.   I checked the IMDB boards for discussion about “Before Sunrise” and people said the exact same thing, with the counterarguments being “Well, they were just kids, of course they talk about silly shit like that.”  But 9 years later the director is still playing the same song, so I think it’s more of a problem with Linklater than the characters.  I didn’t even come out of the movie hoping for anything between the two leads, or having any feelings of romance myself.  I just put the movie back in the envelope and sent it off to Netflix, hoping my Indian film would come in soon.


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