Night of the Living Dead

July 11, 2007

My first impressions of the film were that the film was overexposed and had way to much light in it. I also thought the actors who played Johnny and Barbara were horrible. But then, as the movie progressed, I began to get into it more and more.

The realism explored in the movie really impressed me, from detailing how people would really react in traumatic situations to how the world would try to cope with a real zombie situation. I kept thinking to myself, would I lock myself in the basement? Would I try for Willard or stay in the house? I was suprised how much I got into the movie, and how disturbing it could be. The scene where the dead ate on the “cooked” couple was incredibly creepy. I’m very glad I watched it at noon and not at night.

The ending I knew about long before it happened: the black guy gets shot by the mob as a metaphor for race relations in the 60’s. But I didn’t know really how it happened. Him peeking out the window, and the mob doesn’t even really think about it or seem to notice he’s black- they just shoot everything. But in a way, that made it even more realistic. No happy ending.

I don’t often watch the credits of movies. This is why I miss some of those special scenes they put at the end of the credits. But I watched thru Night of the Living Dead. Those photos of the men with hooks dragging the bodies to the pile just freaked me out.

Good movie, and not just for it’s day. It’s good even now.


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