Big Night

July 19, 2007

I really love food movies. Tampopo is one of my favorites, Chocolat and Like Water for Chocolate are both great, and even Woman on Top was really fun to watch, just for all the food prep scenes. I was thinking I would love Big Night as well, but unfortunately the only really interesting food scene was making that Timpano, which lasted about 2 minutes. The rest of the movie was a tedious character study of 2 brothers who are trying to revive their restaurant with one very important dinner.

One of my biggest problems was the cinematography. The scene where Secondo and Pasquale are talking with a lamp between them was probably supposed to symbolize something, but 99% of moviegoers want to just watch the movie without having to think about why the filmmaker does things like that. Besides, it just drives home the fact that it is a movie and not real life, because we don’t need to sit around thinking what lamps symbolize every time we see one.

Minnie Driver must have seen herself in the mirror sometime during the movie because she threw up in a shrubbery.  (Ouch, that was mean!  Why am I such a horrible bitch?)

I think I may have liked this movie more if I was an Italian growing up on the east coast during the 50s. But I’m not so I didn’t.


One comment

  1. I just started a new blog because I wanted to share my Timpano recipe. I just posted a (long) article about Timpano with step-by-step photos at: http://www.TipsyCook.com . I would love to hear comments.

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