By Dawn’s Early Light

July 25, 2007

For a made for TV movie, this film is excellent.  The cast is some of the best film and TV stars from the 70’s and 80’s, and the story was really well done.  While watching it I was strangely reminded of “Night of the Living Dead”, because it aroused the same thoughts of “Wow, what if that really happened?”

Rebecca De Mornay was really great in this movie, and I wish I could still see her in more recent films.   But I wonder about the character she was playing, a career military woman with a pacifist conscience?  I can understand how some younger kids in the military, maybe just there for college money, would refuse to follow orders in a war situation.  But it just didn’t seem right to me that someone who commits their life to the military would suddenly question what’s right and wrong when put in the position they’ve trained their entire life for.  But I probably have just no clue at all what being in the military is really like, and I don’t think any movie could make me more aware of the situation.  I just know I could never submit myself.

James Earl Jones is another actor I wish I saw more of.  I suppose he’s getting on in years now, and there aren’t a whole lot of roles for older people in movies.  But still, he has a presence like is rarely seen.  I bet if he ran for president, he would win.


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