August 9, 2007

From the Netflix description Freeway sounded like some sort of psychological thriller, and I really expected a cat-and-mouse game along the wilderness of I-5.  After about 10 minutes in I started to suspect something was amiss, and about the time the movie seemed to end less than halfway through, I started to think maybe this movie was not about what I thought it was about.  No, it’s not a psychological thriller.  It’s not really a thriller of any sort, since I spent more time laughing than on the edge of my seat.  It’s not a comedy either though really.  It’s just… different.  Not like any movie I’ve seen lately, and that in itself is a good thing.

The best way to describe this movie is a modern-day take of Little Red Riding Hood, with a white trash teen as the protagonist.   Reese Witherspoon was great at making her character sympathetic, despite being so very very trashy.  Brittany Murphy also was playing a much different role than usual, so much so I barely recognized her.  I can’t say Keifer Sutherland or Brooke Shields really stretched far for their roles though.  Sutherland played basically the same character as all his “bad guy” roles, and Shields just put on her normal “crazy bitch” face.

I just loved how wonderfully fucked up the entire movie was.  Random violence, necrophilia,  and some really wonderful insults.   “That’s not all I did to grandma.”  It’s like a John Waters film with more mainstream actors and a bigger budget, but also included the social commentary you’d expect from something Oliver Stone touched.


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