Across the Universe (2007)

February 10, 2008

Somehow I got this idea that the film was made as an example of how Beatles’s music transcends the universe.  The movie itself never mentions the Beatles, so it’s made in a world where the Beatles never existed.  However, the music they made must have been intrinsic to the era, so that it pervades our every being.  At least, that’s what I though the director was trying to say.

I liked Julie Taymor’s style in Titus.  We actually own it, though I can’t say I’ve watched it more than once or twice.  Coming from a stage background, I see she’s trying to bring to life all the things she couldn’t pull off on stage- trippy special effects, montages, brilliant colors and the world come to life.  But that’s also her downfall.  She focused so much on the middle acid part, she totally lost track of where her story was going.  She directed her actors as if the world were some sort of stage musical, but when you’re making a movie that’s coming out on Blu Ray, where you can see down to an actor’s nose pores, there’s no reason for them to act the way they would on stage.  It just looked disgustingly contrived, every motion and emotion.

The singing was well done, but it seemed like the plot bent itself to meet the songs to the breaking point.  So much about a well-written screenplay was lost when the director tried to integrate so many different Beatles songs.  The JoJo and Prudence intro scenes were especially distracting from the plot, considering they were such minor characters.

And for the last time, can we PLEASE have a 60’s era movie that doesn’t include black and white montages from television footage?


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