Babette’s Feast (1987)

February 15, 2008

I love food films.  They should have a special name for this genre, like instead of Drama or Action or Sci-Fi they could have Foodie.

Most Foodie films are set up as love stories.  This one, however, was quite different.  In an era and place of modesty and virtue, the 2 young ladies in the film never really find love.  Are they cold-hearted bitches?   Nah, I just think they valued other things over the idea of getting married and having kids.  Nothing wrong with that.  They lived their lives as how they could be happy and content with.

Most of the drama is pretty dry, so I think most movie-goers would get bored before the end.  But the end was what I was waiting for, so I sat it out.  And wow, what a feast!  The only thing that really shocked me was the part where the general nibbled off a bit of the quail’s head and sucked out its brain.  Having raised quail as a child, I am quite fond of the little birds.  But I think even if it had been a bird I wasn’t so fond of, the scene was horrifying for me.  I got over it quickly enough though so I still enjoyed it.

It was rather odd the way the older actresses did not resemble their younger counterparts, and in fact the Young Martina looked more like Old Phillipa.  It’s very distracting, and they really could have done better there.

I wish I could cook for someone who didn’t eat his food so fast.


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