Blood Diamond (2006)

February 22, 2008

Having just watched “Children of Men”, I could help but think that if the cinematography had been transferred over to “Blood Diamond”, it would have made “Blood Diamond” a lot more emotionally compelling. I found the story actually interesting, but the style and acting was nothing special. I wish Edward Zwick would have tried a bit harder, but it seems he has a history of turning amazing stories into mediocre movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio, though a great actor, doesn’t seem to have a talent for accents. I admit I don’t have a lot of experience with Rhodesian accents, however at first I thought it was some kind of Australian accent. And I usually get caught up in sad drawn-out death scenes, but I kept thinking to myself “When’s a soldier gonna pop up over a rock and shoot him in the face?” I guess I just wasn’t emotionally into it. I’m not totally cold-hearted though, I cried when Leo died in “Titanic” and “Romeo + Juliet”. But I just wasn’t touched as much by his death scene in “Blood Diamond”.

Lacking as it was on some emotional level, it still did get it’s point across. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever purchased diamonds in the past, but I certainly won’t in the future. Good thing being moral saves me money!


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