Tortilla Soup (2001)

February 26, 2008

This movie popped up when I searched for other food movies, so otherwise I didn’t know much about it.  However, as soon as I began watching it, I thought it was exactly like another movie I had seen, “Eat Drink Man Woman”.  Ordinarily I would have just popped it out of the Playstation and sent it right back to Netflix, because basically it was the exact same movie scene for scene, with English and Spanish instead of Chinese.  The only reason I watched it was because this time I got to see it with Mexican food being made instead of Chinese.

Overall, I thought this version was more comical and lighthearted, except for the part where the youngest daughter goes apeshit on poor Andy’s apartment.  I was waiting for him to tell her to GTFO but unfortunately it went into some stupid introspective moment for Maribel.

Having already seen “Eat Drink Man Woman”, I wasn’t at all surprised by the little twists and turns they throw in, especially at the end.  I was just as displeased with the ending of this one as with the ending from the original.  Why, during the whole movie, do Martin and Yolanda never share a single tender scene together?  Just to surprise the audience?  It’s a cheap trick, almost as cheap as “It was all a dream!”.

On a side note, when I saw Raquel Welch on the cast I thought “Why isn’t she in more movies?”.  Well I guess it’s because she got fat.  I mean “curvy”.  Whatever.  Honestly, if your entire career is based around your sexy body, you might as well stay in shape.  Or you could go the Audrey Hepburn route and just retire from movies while you’re still beautiful and devote your life to trying to make the world a better place.  I can imagine Angelina Jolie going this route…

On a side note, I started getting Gourmet magazine yesterday.  I found a few recipes I’d like to try, but honestly I wouldn’t be able to get half the ingredients most of those recipes call for.   Hell, I can’t even get a decent cut of vegetarian-fed meat around here.  But seeing as how I messed up last night’s cod, no one would probably notice if I used dried mint instead of fresh mint.  The only thing I’ve ever been good at when it comes to cooking is doing a recipe until it’s perfect, and then never straying from that.  But if they ever had me on Iron Chef where I needed to do something for the first time, well, things would not go very well.


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