Beowulf (2007)

February 29, 2008

I wanted to like this movie.  I wish Neil Gaiman success, but he just can’t get a screenplay or story turned into a good movie.  Poor guy.  As for Roger Avary, normally I love his dialog but after “There have been many a brave soldier come to taste my husband’s mead” I didn’t know whether to grimace or laugh.

I suppose most of the movie’s downfall comes from Mr. Robert CGI Zemeckis.   He should have learned from the criticism of “The Polar Express” that whatever tech crew he’s got working for him, they need more practice.  This was no “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”.  Throughout the movie the poor CGI was distracting, from the poor eye contact to the way people’s jaws didn’t move when they talked.  He’s got a long way to go before he can make his crew churn out realistic looking characters in CGI, and in the meantime he’s making big-budget films that will have no staying power and lose millions.  I can’t understand when he had so many excellent live-action films behind him, and he’s obviously good at that sort of thing, why he keeps tarnishing his reputation by sticking with something that’s not working for him.  I can’t imagine how he keeps getting financing.  I hear “A Christmas Carol” is going to be CGI as well, how did that ever get greenlit?

Enough bitching about Zemeckis.  The story was good, I liked the changes made from the original tale, linking everything together.  The acting was stiff but only thanks to motion capture.  Guess they didn’t put enough stickers on people.  And the stiletto heels on Grendel’s mother ruined what little respect I had for the movie.  By the time it was over, I was glad.   Sorry Neil, maybe next time.


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