Smokin’ Aces (2006)

March 13, 2008

There are some things in this film that are done very, very right and are lovely to look at them in action. The scene where one of the Tremor brothers “speaks” to dead Ben Affleck was great, and the lead-up to a big shoot-em-up ending was not too disappointing. There was certainly enough gunfire to make it worthwhile, though unfortunately most of the interesting characters met with less than interesting endings. To lose Acosta, the infamous killer in an elevator shoot-out was just bland and boring, and though he is hinted at later with a glimpse of his wristblade, it’s basically a dead end. Ivy and Georgia presumably ride off into the sunset, never mind that her friend just gets blown away and Georgie never even made it into the penthouse. And the 3 bounty hunters would have been better off all dying, because having the small subplot with Hollis just detracted from the movie.

I was hoping for more in the end, but all I got was the FBI running in. Then to find Locke was behind the plot to saving Sparazza by sacrificing his boy Buddy, well then it just gets silly. First off, no one with half a brain would be surprised that the FBI guy who got tons of plastic surgery was actually Sparazza. The illegitimate child thing was just silly, you don’t need to have a blood relative to get a heart transplant from, though I suppose it would help. But why would they give a heart transplant to an 80+ year old mafia man that they shot in the past? Because they thought he would give them more information than Buddy? That’s silly, just silly. The organization would have dissolved naturally when the old man died, with Buddy’s leads helping take out possible usurpers or rogue organizations within.

Had they just stuck with the build up to an all out shoot-out, it would have been a better film. But in the effort to put some kind of important story or twist to it, it just made the whole thing that much more mind-numbing to watch.

p.s.  Andy Garcia- please don’t try to do accents anymore.


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