Alice In Wonderland (2010)

April 13, 2010

Alice In Wonderland certainly wasn’t a terrible movie.  I enjoyed watching it.  It was very entertaining.  The costumes and makeup were great (except Johnny Depp, he looked awful) and it had a good, solid plot.  The only real problem was, it had absolutely nothing to do with Alice In Wonderland.

Sure, it had some of the character’s names in there.  Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen… but they weren’t actually playing their roles at all.  It was like someone went out looking for the Mad Hatter, and brought back someone named Mad Hatter and it was the wrong one.

Alice was always the sensible one in the book.  Always trying to correct the Wonderland characters, trying to make them make sense, trying to use logic to justify her position.  But in the movie, she was the silly one.  Maybe they were trying to say the first visit to Wonderland had changed her, made her silly, but I think at the same time they were implying they got her weirdness from her father.

Alice really needed to simply be a voice of reason in a silly, weird, wonderful world.  Because really, when everything’s mad, you need at least one to play the “straight man”.  But instead they made her some sort of hero, living up to her destiny, slaying the dragon (jJabberwocky).  It would have been very appropriate for one of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movies, or for a Harry Potter movie, or any other type of child hero fantasy movie.  But it wasn’t at all appropriate for an Alice In Wonderland movie.

Really, what the film needed was a script and a director who can handle having absolutely no plot.  Because there really wasn’t any plot in the Alice in Wonderland book.  It was just one scene next to another, one set of sillyness next to another set, completely unrelated and untied to any story.  The only director I can think of who can pull off such a feat would have been Terry Gilliam.  Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas or The Meaning of Life would have been much more closely related to any Alice in Wonderland adaptation than The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  It just needed one scene after the other, linked with only Alice.

Sometimes studios place way too much emphasis on plot.  After reading through the Avary Sandman script, I realized sometimes movies really don’t need a plot.  Sometimes all they need are some really interesting characters and a proper mindfuck to do the source material justice.  And that’s all Alice was supposed to have been.


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