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Ingmar Bergman died today

July 30, 2007

I feel rather ignorant having seen only 3 of his films.  But I do understand that his passing is a sad day for film lovers and film makers.  He was an influential director, and I think I will make an effort to see more of his films.  I do remember finding The Seventh Seal to be remarkable in its cinematography and pacing, even if I found the idea of a humanized “death” to be a bit silly.  Thanks to that film I was more readily accepting of the humanized death in “Meet Joe Black”, which was a flawed yet touching film.


Angelina Ballerina goes up as most hated cartoon after Caillou

July 18, 2007

I think Caillou will remain number one for a long time, but the most recent episode of Angelina Ballerina I saw was awfully close.

It starts out as a bunch of mice children are climbing an old oak tree. One mouse falls off the tree and starts complaining that she broke her arm. Angelina thinks the mouse is lying to get attention. Broken arm mouse’s parents then say the tree needs to be cut down. Angelina organizes a petition to save the tree, but none of the mouse adults will sign it because they agree a big tree is too dangerous to have around. One old grumpy mouse decides to help Angelina by chaining herself to the tree. Tree-fellers come to fell the tree, but can’t because Angelina and her friends are all over it. Then the tree just randomly starts shaking, Angelina “saves” old grumpy mouse by getting the key out of her pocket and unchaining her, and they all run away to safety just as the old oak tree splits in two and falls down by itself. The tree is then cut up into little logs which are built into a playground for all the mice.

Several things are wrong here. I’d hate for my child to be afraid of old trees because of this, and have the mistaken idea that any tree he helps to bring down will automatically become a wonderful playground for him. I know it’s just a children’s cartoon, but Teletubbies never try to teach my son to cut down trees.